Baby vs. Black Raspberries

Another food adventure for my little one. He finished up a container of black raspberries we got at the farmers market over the weekend. He loved them!

Here are the pictures to prove it!


4 thoughts on “Baby vs. Black Raspberries

  1. I just made homemade vanilla-blackberry pudding pops with the berries from my garden. You just stir a cup of fruit into a batch of pudding and freeze in popsicle forms. Okay, I added a dash of cardamom. Because adult.

    But I bet he could do a lot of damage with one of those when it gets hotter out.

      • Yup, just regular Jello pudding that you make with 2 cups of milk. Because my blackberries were so large, I snipped each one in half with a scissors before gently stirring them in to make purple swirls. It takes a long time to harden up–about five or six hours–but if you make them for the next day, you’re all set.

        It’s worth buying the popsicle molds if you have kids; you’ll be getting a lot of mileage out of them. These are my fav:

        I’m looking forward to adding chopped cherries to chocolate pudding and dicing up some canned peaches to add to vanilla. You probably already know you can make regular popsicles with straight fruit juice but did you know you can substitute 1/6 of the juice with liquor for adult pops? Margarita on a stick, baby!

      • Alllllll of that sounds good. I’m definitely going to try this out next week. The fruit is rolling into the farmers market now!

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