Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 50

Source: Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 50
I had fun with this one! Add one of your own!

A Guided Tour
By: Allison K. Garcia, 200 words, Setting, Character @athewriter

“What’s with all the chamber pots?”
“Great question. After the cholera epidemic of 1812–” Pause. “Yes, you, little boy.”
“The first cholera pandemic occurred in Asia in 1817.”
“Well, here it started in 1812.”
“I’m certain that’s not the case.”
“Anyway, what are you holding? Is that…a pig’s tail?”
“Put that down, Henry. You don’t know where that’s been.”
“I know exactly where it’s been, Mother. Attached to the caudal of a Sus Scrofa.”
“Did you take that from the exhibit?”
“No, it’s mine. I brought it from home.”
“From home? Poor Charlie! When your father finishes decoding pre-Mayan ruins, you’ll be sorry.”
“I’m not afraid. Henry is a coward.”
“Fine, your brother Henry returns today from his global one-man-sailing/tuba-playing voyage.”
“Not if the prophesy was correct and he and his twin Henry fell into that mine.”
“That’ll never happen. Henry’s in that beauty contest in the asylum.”
“Excuse me, can we continue with the plantation tour? I was promised free bananas.”
“You leave me no choice but to write your grandmother in Paris and interrupt her mechanic’s writing contest trip.”
“Don’t! I promise I’ll be good.”
“Now hand over that tail and apologize.”
“Sorry…that you’re an idiot.”


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