Honey Chews: The Search for Deliciousness


In the 1980s and 90s in Union Township School in New Jersey, there was a delicious snack called honey chews. Thank them lunch ladies made food from scratch and so after my brother and I laughed this k to 8 elementary school, we never ate honey chews again.
For years we have been searching for any hint of the recipe. One time it was at the tip of my fingers when I met a lunch lady at a church dinner but I was young then and stupid and didn’t realize I would never have that chance again. She offered me the recipe but said it would be like 500 kids and I didn’t want to do the math. Why was I so stupid!?
Alas those lunch ladies may not be living anymore and then recipe may have died with them. No longer are foods cooked from scratch in school cafeterias so there’s no way honey chews have survived (also we checked already).
The delicious recipe is long gone and no amount of Google searches has helped the process. My mother even found a cookbook from the school but it was only the parents. Darn it!
now here we are 20 years later and my brother is having a normal conversation with his best friend who says, ” I had this granola bar the other day and it kind of tasted like a honey chew.”
What the what? My brother was so excited and told me the name of the company. I looked up the ingredient list and it is very confusing and there’s no recipe obviously because they want to make money.
In the end desperately at work I decided to mix three ingredients peanut butter, honey, and dry milk (ok, so it was coffeemate) at work in the lunchroom microwave.
And it was darn close!
So today I have tasked myself with the important undertaking of rediscovering the recipe! Wish me luck! And if anyone knows any UTS cafeteria workers from the 80s-90s, please connect me!


Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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