Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 43

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
By: Allison K. Garcia, 205 words, Character and Setting, @ATheWriter

Dry leaves crunched under my feet. The air was still, thick with fog. One sliver of moon illumined our path.
“The forest is very quiet.” Fear choked my words.
Her wild, white hair shone in the dim moonlight, one jagged tooth stuck out as she grinned. “Soon, one long-awaited will arrive.”
The ingredients had been gathered, the process near completion. We stepped up to the broken-down cottage, smoke rising from holes in the roof. We knocked. Paused. And knocked twice more.
Someone cracked open the door. One blood-shot eye squinted at us and nodded us in.
Cane tapping on the wooden floor, she hobbled to the table and peered at the liquid. “It is ready,” she croaked.
I let out a slow, silent stream of air. Soon all our problems would be resolved. Just this once and life could return to normal. Then I would never have to see these people again.
A sharp pain. Fire rushed through my body. Everything went black.
When I awoke, I was alone and everything I had worked for was gone.
Someone banged on the door. “Police!”
A trap. And I fell right into it.
It wasn’t simple, safe like on TV… No, I got 10 years. Manufacturing methamphetamines.

Flash! Friday

Howdoo, and welcome to Flash! Friday! So often on Fridays it feels like the past week was ridiculously amazing, and this week is no exception. So many hysterical Douglas Adams-inspired tales last Friday — what a romp. And then did you read the #Spotlight interview with editor/publisher/writer/speaker Lisa Crayton? Loved her solid tips on publishing, on diversity, and even on making writerly dreams come true. Read it if you haven’t already. Bookmark it so you can come back and read it again (I did!).

Last week also witnessed the launch of our first-ever episode of #Pyro. I really loved reading the story and so many helpful, specific thoughts on it. What a great forum for practicing critiques — and for learning to accept critiques in humility and good humor. 😀 We’re going to keep running the Saturday #Pyro challenge, so please email in your stories (flash pieces under 500 words), with a note…

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