Adventures in Cloth Diapering: Banana In, Banana Out…

On Sunday we had a very exciting day in the Garcia household…Miguel’s first taste of solid foods…bananas! It was a time of messiness and cuteness and joy for all! He even tried frozen banana in a mesh bag. “My little Banana Boy,” I cried. Little did I know…
I had heard the warnings…
“Just wait til he gets to solid foods…then we’ll see if you stick with cloth diapers…”
It was not pleasant. I have no actual photos of the wvent as it was too gross to even ponder photographing…so I shall provide below a photographic re-enactment:


“Hey, Mom! Look what I did!”


The horror! So much poop and it smells like bananas!


This wouldn’t be a smart way to carry the diaper to rinse and use the Zote soap…but it is still funny!


Place icky diaper in wet bag! And immediately do the wash!


Clean diaper again!

So, yes, so gross, but I’m not ready to give up on cloth diapers yet! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Cloth Diapering: Banana In, Banana Out…

  1. Sick with it mama! The few months when baby is just starting solids are the worst. Once they are eating more solids it gets easy again. Do you have liners? They were my saving grace at that time. I have a sprayer too but I think the stage your lo is at flushable liners are the easiest. God luck!

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