First Time Mom: Adventures in Cloth Diapering! (Part Three)


In my last two posts about cloth diapering, I share how I got into cloth diapering and the pros and cons of the diapers I have. Today I’m going to talk to you about how I clean the diapers. Now I’m no expert so if anyone has any advice, I am happy to learn more!

So, for starters, if you have brand new diapers (not hand-me-downs) you need read over instructions on how to “prep” the diapers. This pretty much involves washing and drying them lots of times (like 5) so that they can absorb stuff better (an important diaper quality!). 🙂 I skimmed a handout out through Green Mountain Diapers on how to prep different types of diapers, so that was super helpful!


Then I would place all your diapers together where you can get to them easily and have a wet bag nearby to put them in when they are dirty. You can use rice paper inside the diapers so that poop comes off easier (but my little one is still too small for his poop to be solid enough for this to be effective).


For wet diapers

  • Separate the inserts and the covers
  • Velcro the Velcro in on itself so it doesn’t stick to other diapers in the wash
  • Toss them in the wet bag

For poopy diapers

  • Put the cover in the wet bag (unless it’s dirty, then follow the instructions below)
  • Take the dirty diaper parts to the bathroom
  • Either use the dunk and flush method to get the poop off or a diaper sprayer
  • To get it extra stain-free and clean, use Zote soap (a large pink bar) and rub it on the diaper (I do this in the sink) with some water (I keep the soap on the bathroom counter in a small plastic container and make sure to rinse off the soap before putting it back in the container)
  • Toss them in the wet bag (make sure not to drip!)


For washing

  • I’ve just been throwing everything into the wash together on warm with an 2nd rinse and it seems to be working so far (we’re about 3 weeks into it)
  • I use a scoop or so of bumGenius powdered diaper laundry detergent


For drying

  • Line drying outside is the best because the sun naturally bleaches the diapers so it gets rid of stains!
  • If it’s rainy or I’m feeling lazy, I’ll throw them all in the dryer on the delicates cycle (I usually use cotton regular heat). Be careful with diapers with elastic not to stretch them when they’re hot!
  • I usually have to do the dryer several times, taking out dry diapers and covers each time (the prefolds, fitted, all-in-ones, and all-in-two inserts take the longest)


Well, that’s about it! Not really much different than regular laundry, except that I usually do it about every 2 days, because we don’t have many diapers. I hope you enjoyed my three-part series on cloth diapers! More fun stuff to come! 🙂



4 thoughts on “First Time Mom: Adventures in Cloth Diapering! (Part Three)

      • A good diet will keep the diapers less “dirty”, easier for cleaning. Something else that I found helpful was getting a water hose attachment for the toilet. I gave the diaper a quick spray down before placing in the hamper. It’s all really easy and saves so much money 🙂

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