First Time Mom: Adventures in Cloth Diapering! (Part Two)

In my last post, I shared about how I got into cloth diapering and how, for the most part, it was much easier than I anticipated. Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about the different types of diapers that I have, and the pros and cons that I have seen with them.


I have a whole host of different types of diapers. I have some handmade, some store-bought, some bought online, and other hand-me-downs. Within those, though, there a few main different types of cloth diapers. Now, I am no expert, but here are a few different kinds and, what I have found to be, the pros and cons of each type.

wpid-20150807_140438.jpg (handmade all-in-one cloth diaper)

  1. All-in-Ones – I have two different brands of All-in-Ones. I have one that is homemade and tends to leak a bit more, and another three that are bumgenius, which work better.
    1. Pros
      1. Very quick – the diaper is already put together like a regular diaper, so you just snap/velcro it on, and you’re good to go
      2. Simple – even a diaper novice can figure these suckers out. As long as you know how to put on a regular diaper, you can put on one of these.
      3. Cute – they come in lots of different patterns and colors
      4. Less to touch – after the diaper is soiled, you can just toss it into the wash. No parts to separate out. It is “all-in-one.”
      5. wpid-20150807_140417.jpg wpid-20150807_140407.jpg wpid-20150807_140404.jpg
    2. Cons –
      1. Trickier to clean/rinse poop off of – since it’s all put together, you have to put the whole diaper in the sink/toilet/bucket to rinse off the poop, which makes it a bit messier
      2. Takes a bit longer to dry – especially the handmade one. The bumgenius ones have flaps that open up, so that makes it way quicker with drying!
      3. Very fluffy/big – I had to move to a bigger size pant and onesie and readjust the straps in Miguel’s car seat! They take up a lot of space, both on the tushy and the diaper bag!
      4. Need more – with some of the other cloth diapers, you can snap/put out the insert and reuse the cover if it isn’t wet, but since this is all together, when it’s wet/dirty, it’s done.
      5. wpid-20150807_140741.jpg
      6. wpid-20150807_140636.jpgwpid-20150807_140714.jpg
  2. All-in-Twos – I have Grovia brand, and they are my favs! (they are shown in the very first pic on the clothesline)
    1. Pros
      1. Easy – all you have to do is snap in the pad and on it goes!
      2. No leaks – I haven’t had any leaks with these diapers yet! They are great!
      3. Cute – the covers come in pretty colors!
      4. Possibly less expensive – you can reuse the covers if they didn’t get wet or dirty
      5. Easy to wash – you can snap out the insert if it gets poopy so you don’t have to stick the whole diaper in the water
      6. Stays in place – it has snaps so it doesn’t move around
    2. Cons
      1. Trouble with fit – When you use the snaps to make the pad smaller, the pad stays the same size and doesn’t quite fit as well. I fold it on the top but it’s a bit awkward
      2. Takes longer to dry – the covers dry very quickly but the inserts take forever to dry! Both in the sun and the dryer. Oy vey!
      3. Slightly more prep – there are two parts to this, so it takes a extra few seconds to snap on the insert
      4. Also fluffy – these diapers are big, too, so get out those bigger sizes!
      5. wpid-20150807_140911.jpg wpid-20150807_121348.jpg
  3. Fitted diapers
    1. Pros
      1. Cute – there are lots of fun types of covers!
      2. Reusable covers – you can take out the inserts reuse the covers if they aren’t wet
      3. Easy to clean – it separates out, so it’s easier to clean poop off
      4. Not as big – these don’t seem quite as fluffy as the other diapers so that makes them easier to fit into clothes
    2. Cons
      1. Leaks – I find these to leak more because the insert and the cover aren’t really the same size, so if the cloth part sticks out, it’ll leak when the diaper gets wet
      2. Less absorbent – I find they don’t absorb quite as well as the all-in-twos, so it usually gets the covers wet
      3. More prep – these take a long time to get ready, because I need to tuck in the inserts so they don’t leak onto his clothes
      4. Takes long to dry – the covers are quick but the inserts take a long time to dry!
      5. Expensive – someone told me these are the most expensive of all the diapers
      6. wpid-20150807_141126.jpg wpid-20150807_141109.jpg
  4. Pocket diapers – I have the bumgenius brand but haven’t used them yet
    1. Pros
      1. Separates – you can take them apart for quick cleaning and drying
      2. Cheap – these are some of the most inexpensive cloth diapers to buy because the inserts are not very expensive and you can double up, so it last longer
      3. Easy to clean – it separates for easy cleaning (also I think it might not take too long to dry, though I haven’t used them yet!)
    2. Cons
      1. Too big – okay, so it might be that mine are hand-me-downs but they are way to big for my little one still!
      2. More prep – takes a long time to put together
      3. wpid-20150807_135919.jpg wpid-20150807_135847.jpg
  5. Pre-folds
    1. Pros
      1. Cheap – the inserts are inexpensive, though the covers might be pricey
      2. Easy to clean – separates and makes things easy
      3. Reuseable – I literally have prefolds that were mine when I was a baby that we use as dust rags to this day
      4. Dries kinda fast – this dries faster than some others
    2. Cons
      1. More prep – you have to fold it and then get it to fit into the diaper
      2. Leaks – like the fitted, you have to make sure all the cloth part is tucked in otherwise it leaks when wet
      3. Complicated – this is not a diaper for someone who likes things to be simple

Well, I hope you enjoyed this second part of my three-part series on cloth diapers! Stay tuned for my post on how to clean them! 🙂



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