Books, books, and more books

I finally (four months later) moved my books that had been on shelves in the office-would-be-nursery into my new office!
I discovered that I happen to have a lot of books!


Haha!  Ok, so I already knew that but it was interesting to look through boxes and boxes of books. There were only four left to unpack. I had two large Rubbermaid containers full that I put on some while I was still pregnant. Muchos libros!
So, an interesting question my mother asked was, “How do you organize your books?”
I didn’t have a straight answer because I never put words to it but here’s what I came up with: to-be-read pile (3+ shelves deep), literary fiction, series placed together, Spanish language together, dictionaries and such, language learning, children’s, Bibles etc, and a mixture of fiction and non-fiction in possibly random, but  also as possible, unconsciously categorized.
So, how do YOU organize your books???



Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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