Best Laid Plans…

Well, hello there! I bet you’re surprised to hear from me! That’s because I haven’t blogged in forever! I have a sort of good excuse though…a baby!


His name is Miguel, and he’s the cutest baby ever (no bias here, only the truth!) Now that he’s almost 10 weeks old, I’ve gotten back into writing and have been thinking about all the things I thought I’d do after I had a baby. Ha! Thus begins this week’s blog post, “Best Laid Plans…”


Things I (a first-time mom) thought I’d do after I had a baby:

1. Get a lot of writing done – Ha! Well, THAT didn’t happen! Taking care of a baby is a lot of work. Even though I don’t nap (never could), there seems to be a never-ending stream of thank-you notes to write, dishes to wash, and laundry to clean. Oy vey!

2. Relax with some time to myself – See #1 plus feeding a baby takes up about a quarter of the day, not to mention diaper changes, and making sure he’s learning things when he’s awake.


3. Be really shy about breastfeeding – How can you when you’re that tired? After a while, you pretty much just check with anyone who hasn’t seen them already and occasionally attempt to keep things covered up a bit. Try this on a windy day in the park! Doesn’t work very well! True story!

4. Use cloth diapers after the first week – Still haven’t used them. I remember thinking that the size one diapers looked sooooo tiny that he wouldn’t fit into them. Then when he was born, it turned out, babies are pretty small! haha! When we ran out of the newborn diapers and tried the size ones, they were ginormous! Compared to that, the cloth diapers are like onesies! I think if they had straps across the tops, my baby could wear them like a jumper! He’s had a recent growth spurt, so I’m thinking of attempting to try him in one soon. 🙂


5. Really want to go back to work – Nope! This is the good life! I miss the people, but I can totally see why people want to be stay-at-home parents. Miguel is just so darn cute, and every day is like a tiny, new adventure. Also, he’s starting to do stuff like reach for my face and babble and look at books when we read. It’s going to be really hard to leave him for eight hours a day. In fact, just thinking about it makes me teary.

6. Take a normal amount of pictures – What was I thinking? I should’ve just looked at how many pictures I have of my dog sleeping and realized that I’d take about ten times that many for my first child. When I transferred the pics to Shutterfly, I realized I only had about 15 since he was born that didn’t include his cute little mug. ha!


7. Have no idea what to do – Okay, this was only slightly true. Some maternal instinct just kicks in, but also I’ve gotten loads of great help from family, friends, and medical professionals (not to mention Google).

8. Never sleep again – Hallelujah! Miguel is a sleeper! He loves to sleep a good 6-8 hours every night. I still don’t sleep very soundly, waking up to check on him frequently but it’s really not so bad. Also, I have begun to enjoy the occasional cup of coffee in the morning.


9. Let the baby sleep in his nursery – Nope. Hasn’t happened. He’s hardly in the crib at all. He’s mostly next to me on the couch, on my chest, in his bouncer seat, chilling on the bed, or in his bassinet in our bedroom at night. Side note…the dog is also now sleeping in our bedroom…hmmmmmm…how’d that happen?

10. Speak Spanish to Miguel a lot – Anyone bilingual out there will understand that in times of crisis and stress, you revert back to your native tongue…of which mine is English! Thankfully the stress is now decreasing, so we have a plan to speak four days a week in Spanish and three in English. Wish us luck!

So, as you can see, things haven’t gone quite as planned but motherhood is definitely better than I could ever have imagined.



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