Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 32

The Price is Wrong

by Allison K. Garcia, Elements: Conflict & Setting, 220 words, @ATheWriter

They bought us. One by one. Each with our own pricetag. The higher-ups got private jets and secrets kept and that extra vacation home. Those lower on the totem poles got sold by the great deals on the products. Whatever the price, we’re all paying now.

After they stuck their greedy little noses into everyone’s businesses and planted their seeds in everyone’s gardens, it was only a matter of waiting. Now only ten years later, they’ve got us.

No food can be grown, sold, or eaten without their stamp on it. And their stamp is on everything. They’ve genetically altered enough that nothing is without their code. The code they patented years ago, planning the takeover. And they own whatever has the code.

Every seed, they own it. The heirlooms were outgrown years ago. So that means they own every plant. The code is never completely digested. Therefore any insect or animal that eats plants is then their property. And any animals that eat other animals are theirs, too. Man cannot live solely on air. But if he could, they’d probably patent that, too.

It was too late for us even before it began. No one could compete with a company that big. We are no longer our own masters. Shall we fight or starve? There is only one option.

Flash! Friday

WELCOME to the newest round of Flash! Friday!!!! Today finds me in the middle of yet another battle of online Scrabble with my mother, who is a terrifying and formidable opponent. This is in part because she is an incredibly bright and clever woman; but it’s also because I never know which mother I’m up against: the one who crushes me by two hundred points thanks to mysterious words I would have sworn weren’t a natural part of her lexicon (Me: “Are you cheating, Mommy?!” Her: “Think it’s going to rain today?”), or the indulgent one who goes out of her way to shower me with points (“Another Triple Word Score open for you, honey! Do you have an S?”).

She’s currently (only) 30 points ahead this round, and she just played so an R hovers above a TW. To use the TW, I need a six-letter word starting with R; my letters are A…

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