Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 31

Hershey’s Chocolate, Hershey’s Chocolate, Hershey’s Chocolate Woooorld
by Allison K. Garcia, Elements: Character & Setting, 142 words, @ATheWriter

“When I was little and Grandma and Grandpop took me here, they actually still made chocolate in this factory. They didn’t have to pump out the smell of chocolate from the vents; it was just there, in the air.”

“How come we don’t come every summer like you did?”

“Oh, it’s much farther away than where I grew up,” I lied. How could I tell our son that we had saved up the whole year for this little weekend trip, that the medical bills were eating us alive, that we were drowning in a sea of debt, that all his clothes were hand-me-downs, and that we were always one bill away from the welfare line?

I couldn’t. So I silently followed his tattered sneakers through the long line, glad he was still too young to understand what it meant to be poor.

Flash! Friday

SO HAPPY to see you!!!! Welcome! For those of you traveling last week who missed the Big Reveal, you’ll find things a little different today. No, not my frizzy mop, though thank you for asking. No, no, not the sofa either; it’s always hovered there against the back wall. It’s the contest FORMAT, sillies! Each week you’ll be given a well-known novel with its basic elements highlighted, and you’ll be tasked to write a story — of varying word count — incorporating any two elements you wish. So much fun: it’s like a totally fresh challenge AND a Shrinklits-style summer reading plan, combined! 

WALL OF FLAME!!! The Wall of Flame’s been updated to reflect all current superdraggins who wrote for at least three Flash! Friday contests in May; several of you regulars haven’t updated for June yet. Let me know if your name (or June update) isn’t there but should be! Details here.


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