An All-Consuming Fire

By: Allison K. García

150 words

Everyone told me to let it go. So many years had passed, they said. Just forgive and forget.

But I couldn’t.

The pain seared fresh. The memory of it burned into my brain like a brand. The anger scorched my insides, eating away at my humanity, charring my soul until it was nothing but ash.

The blazing fire could not be contained. No amount of time was enough, no treatment strong enough, no person wise enough.

The problem is, the fire won’t go out until you’re ready to let it die. And I was never ready. So it kept burning.

After decades of hate blistered my heart, my body, my mind, and my soul, it finally consumed me. I never forgave. I never even tried. I held onto it with my dying breath.

But I should have listened to them. In the end, I only traded one fire for another.


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