Throwback Thursday – Family Trip to Ireland!



Here are some pictures of my family and I on our trip to Ireland about five years ago!PHOT0170.JPG

me kissing the Blarney stone (tasted like disinfectant)PHOT0060.JPG

Hanging with statues in Temple Bar


Julio in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Me and my brother in Temple Bar


Mom at Kilkenney Castle


Julio and I at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in DublinDSCN0290

Mom and Dad and friends eating at a pub


Chris, beering up and chilling in downtown DublinDSCN0326

Drinking Guinness at the Guinness factory!PHOT0217.JPG PHOT0074.JPG

The best part! We had heard for years that our name (Baggott) came from Ireland and that there was a Baggot street in Ireland. Confirmed by a friend who visited and then by my Irish friend, who was like, “Yeah, I worked on Baggot street for years,” we went on a search for it and one day happened upon Baggot Street. It was one of the most exciting things ever! Then we found that on Baggot Street there was a Baggot Inn where you could get a Baggot Burger! The whole family went in, took pics eating food and with the menus and then took dangerous pics from the busy Dublin street of the whole family (which I can’t seem to find at the moment). It’s one of my favorite moments from the trip. Above is a pic of my dad, all smiles. Baggott is his side of the family. 🙂


Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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