Loca for Local: Delgado’s Antojitos Mexicanos


(The Menu)

Before I even bit into a taco from Delgado’s Antojitos Mexicanos, I knew it would be amazing. Juana Delgado (and the rest of her family) were already well-known at our church for their delicious tamales and other Mexican cuisine. So, two Christmases ago when Juana told me she and her husband had a taco truck, I said, “Where is it and when are you open? Because I’ll be there!”

And it was everything I ever dreamed it could be.


We’re not the only ones to notice; Delgado’s Antojitos Mexicanos has been gathering quite a following in the two years they’ve been open. In fact, Juana and her husband, Juan Carlos, told me that they’ve been so busy they’ve had to open on Mondays now to satisfy their customers demands for delicious sopes, tamales, tortas, tacos, and other Mexican antojitos (literally translates to little cravings). They’re so busy, they barely have time to rest!



For a new business, that’s a good sign. Especially since there are a myriad of taco trucks to choose from in Harrisonburg. The fact that so many people are choosing Delgado’s Antojitos Mexicanos can only mean one thing…the food is amazing!

delgadosgrill6 delgadosgrill7

Now, just to clarify, this is authentic Mexican food, so don’t expect any “Taco Bell” type of food. This is good quality, delicious Mexican cuisine. I’ve been to Mexico about a dozen times now, and I know a good taco when I eat one. And these are good tacos! (I may be a bit of a Mexican food snob…) This taco truck it is approved by my husband, who has an even higher bar for Mexican food (since he is Mexican and knows what’s what!).



And you can tell by the clientele, Delgado’s Antojitos Mexicanos is loved by Latinos and Americans. It’s just darn good food!

My favorite are the sopes and the tacos. Just a couple of the various foods available at their truck.

delgadosgorditas delgadosgrill2 delgadosquesadillas delgadosserving delgadostacos delgadostortas

You can sit outside at a picnic table under the shade of an umbrella,


or at the window and chat with the Delgado’s as they cook up your food (usually my choice, because I’m a talker!),

delgadoshappyfamily delgadoshappycustomers3 delgadoscustomerappreciationday wpid-2014-08-26-17.10.38.jpg.jpeg

or in the new climate-controlled hut alongside their food truck.

delgadoshappycustomers2 delgadosbighappyfamilyofcustomers

Recently, they celebrated their two-year anniversary for opening their taco truck and were giving away two free tamales and a drink to their usual customers. Now that’s customer appreciation! Yum!

delgadoshappycustomers6 delgadostamales

But don’t take my word for it! Check it out for yourself. You’ll be glad you did! They are open Monday through Saturday 10am-6:30pm (closed on Sunday for faith-based reasons) and are located in the parking lot of Halterman Karate at 16 Pleasant Hill Road in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Also find them Facebook by friending, Delgado’s Antojitos Méxicanos.

delgadosfullimage delgadosselfie

(the truck)                                      (Juana and Juan Carlos)


Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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