Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 35

The Big Day

By: Allison K. Garcia

160 words

As her servants tugged and pulled on her garments, preparing her for the royal wedding, Margaret’s eyes drifted around the large, dark room. Cobwebs in the one corner, bits of straw on the floor near the bed, cracks in the walls. If this were her father’s castle, someone’s head would already have rolled for conditions such as these.

But, alas, this castle was not hers. Yet.

Soon she would be Queen. The power to carry whatever she pleased was within her grasp.

Trumpets announced the start of the festivities. She could only pray that Henry’s addled mind would last long enough for them to be wed.

There was no one to blame, of course. Her father couldn’t have known he would turn out this way when he arranged their union. Henry was just a boy at that time.

Yes, he was crazy. But, in the end, it didn’t matter.

One must accept one’s destiny. And hers was to be Queen.

via Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 35.


One thought on “Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 35

  1. Good post..but just say NO! There are organic gummy bears…..also the gummy bears from Trader Joe’s claim no GMOs. Although, I don’t trust anyone anymore….that is why I will be homesteading, home schooling and teaching about what is right from the start. I like your post though because it is a demonstrive example of what I used to go through before I went full on organic and beyond.

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