Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 18

Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 18.

Here’s my story for the week!


By: Allison K. Garcia

Luke’s breath swirled around him as he sighed. He adjusted the brim of his hat and brushed snow off his jeans. “We’re losing light.”

Becky pointed her binoculars into the vacant distance. “He knows to meet here at three.”

“It’s near four. You think he got turned around?”

“Nah, we’ve driven up here plenty of times.”

“What for?” Luke’s eyes held steady on the horizon.

Her stomach lurched. “Just getting ready for the job.”

“Right. I guess he’ll have to find his own way outta town.”

“No!” Becky’s voice echoed into the valley.

“Watcha so upset about, Beck? It ain’t like you know him that well.”

Becky studied her husband through the flurrying snow. She knew that face: set jaw, vein bulging in his neck. “What ‘d you do to him?”

“Nothin’ he didn’t have comin’.”

Becky groaned. “Did you at least get the money?”

Luke pulled out a bloody hundred from his coat pocket and smiled. “More for us.”


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