The Test of Time…

So…yesterday I was giving a piano lesson and one of my students said, “I like this eraser,” pointing to the eraser on the end of a cool pencil. I was like, “It’s cool, but it doesn’t work well. What really works is this Magic Rub eraser. It’s been around forever. I think it’s from high school. I graduated high school in 1999. When were you born?”


“This eraser is older than you.”

Wow. That’s a good eraser. I told my next piano student as well (she was born the year before and was also younger than my eraser). Her comment was that this eraser that is 15 years old works better than the erasers they have at school now.

Apart from feeling pretty old in that moment, I think it’s just hilarious that I have an eraser older than my students…Also, it’s weird for me to think that anyone born after 2000 is not a baby anymore. So strange.

Anyway, here is the 15-year-old eraser that has stood the test of time…



What humorous item do own that is older than someone born in 2000?


Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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