Learning How to Sew

So, ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession to make. Though I make my own cheese and play piano and guitar, can make pasta from flour and eggs, and use herbs from my garden to enhance my cooking, there are some things that are not my gift. People joke with me that I do so many things and ask me what is one thing I can’t do…so here it is…I can’t sew!

Yeah, and I’m not talking about I can’t use a sewing machine or my hems don’t come out right or crap like that. I mean, I can’t do it. I mean, until recently, I didn’t even know that I was threading a needle wrong.

Yes, you heard me.

How is that possible, you ask? Well, apparently you’re not supposed to tie the thread directly to the needle. News to me! How else is it supposed to stay on?! 🙂

Well, since it’s just a really important skill to be able to sew a button without it falling off (has happened) and since my hubby shelled out $160 on a new sewing machine for Xmas, I decided to take a beginning sewing class last Saturday. Here’s a pic of my new sewing machine!


I explained to my teacher that I was a real beginner (I told her the thread story). She called and left a voicemail with a list of required items, one of which I had no idea what it is. In fact, later when I was trying to recall the word “bobbin”, I thought of “spindle” which I think is another sewing term that I’m not sure of the definition. Also, she said to bring pins, and I was like, I got this and picked up my pin cushion! But then when I got there, I realized I was thinking of needle when she said pins and I had brought the wrong thing!

I was a hot mess! Anyway, I put my ego to the side and decided to suck it up and learn as best as I could.

And, actually I didn’t do half bad! I had to ask a bazillion questions and the sewing lady was completely exhausted by the end of the class, but I did it! In fact, part way through, I was really getting the feel for it and I felt I was channeling my Grandma Baggott for a bit. Here are some pictures of the fabric I picked and my finished project, a small change purse with a zipper and everything!


I brought my trusty sidekick, Kelly, with me for moral support. She had slightly less patience than me. This is her a few seconds before calling her sewing machine a bitch and other choices phrases.



A special thanks to Ragtime Fabrics in Harrisonburg, Virginia for teaching me how to use my machine (and even helping me get rid of the fear of ironing!) My teacher, Phoebe, was amazing, and I’m pretty sure she made her own dress, which was rocking!



I’m thinking of going back and learning more about my sewing machine. It only cost me $18 for the two-hour class and private lesson are $30 for two hours, so that seems worth it to me! Wish me luck on my sewing adventures!


9 thoughts on “Learning How to Sew

  1. Yay! I have to say that when I saw you didn’t know how to thread the needle, (was trying to figure out at first how it could go wrong) my first words were ‘aww, bless your heart’. 🙂 I need to get back to sewing. I took Home Ec in middle school but I probably learned more about sewing and cooking and everything like that from my Grandma and my mom. That’s so neat you have a fancy new sewing machine (which I probably couldn’t figure out) and that they offer lessons!!

      • Now I’m kind of curious. Might have to do a search later on and see if they might offer something for adults! 😀 We have one of those new fancy sewing machines and I don’t know how to use it. I understand my mom’s old one! No fancy buttons to push, just the basics.
        Oh, and it isn’t called Home Ec anymore in school. Family and Consumer Sciences. Or something like that. ~shakes head~ Nothing seems to be the same anymore in school.

  2. Me amiga!! Congrats on trying something new, and getting a *zippered* project under your belt!!! WOOT WOOT!! And hey, seriously, if you ever want to explore the world of drop spindles, give me a holler!! (Oh! This is Beth Peterson, btw — new email and blog!) ❤

  3. Allison if this works for you maybe I am not a lost call. There were six girls and my mom didn’t sew. She didn’t have time! I opted not to take the home economics classes, big mistake so I don’t know how to sew either. I can however sew on a button or hem something simple but wouldn’t admit I had done it to anyone for fear they would laugh at my work. So keep me updated or better yet teach me. I will pay you what you paid and you will be a lot smarter at no cost. Mary

  4. I wish you luck, as requested! You sound like my sister. I keep telling her if you can read and are patient and go slow, you can sew… Or cook… Or …. She still has a few choice words for sewing!

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