Off the Wagon…

Oh, friends. I’ve fallen off the wagon of healthy eating and exercise. Actually I fell off several weeks ago. The wagon has moved so far ahead, I can barely see it in the distance…Sigh…

Hurting my back hasn’t helped the exercise but the eating had nothing to do with my back. 🙂 Holidays…so much delicious junk to eat at work and with the family. It’s hard to resist. Now I need to get back into eating healthy and exercising regularly, but how do you do it?

For me, I always think about it like a bicycle chain. It’s going along nicely, spinning and spinning until one link falls off the chain and then the whole chain falls off. Same thing with me for healthy eating/exercise (and other stuff usually). I’m going along nicely but then I miss a day or eat unhealthy for a meal and there’s that one link. Suddenly the whole chain comes off and I’m off the wagon again!

In one of my therapy groups, we call this concept “getting a case of the fuck-its” (pardon my french). You’re going along and you mess up and then you’re like, “Well, I already messed up. Might as well keep going.”

It’s not so helpful. I am trying to forget about my case of the you-know-whats and get back on track…or the wagon, whichever analogy you prefer. Here’s what I’ve done so far…

1. Enlisted support from friends and family (my friend is going to yoga with me tomorrow, my hubby is going to the gym with me on Saturday, my best bud is helping keep me accountable with my eating)

2. Wrote up a menu for the week (poblano peppers stuffed with beef, homemade yogurt and cheese, sweet potatoes, and healthy snacks)

3. Wrote up a list of when I can go to the gym to exercise

4. Tell people what I’m trying to do

5. Decided in my mind I want to eat healthier.

Here’s what I’ve yet to do…

1. Actually make it to the gym

2. Actually pack my lunch for work today

3. Decide in my mind that I’m actually going to go to the gym Monday morning


So, I’m going to watch eat a mid-morning snack while I watch “Modern Family”, pack my lunch and a snack, and head to work! Wish me luck!

P.S. If you don’t hear from me again for a while, I might not have made it to the wagon. 😉



20 thoughts on “Off the Wagon…

  1. I am right there with you, only I abandoned the wagon back in early December. Still feeling like lying where I fell, which is face down in the chocolate. Kudos for you for getting back up! That’s my life motto: Fall down 7 times, get up 8. Hopefully soon my gumption will kick in again, too!

  2. I’ve jumped on the wagon! However, I am changing my way of doing things this year. Flylady teaches you to do just a little a day to avoid getting gung-ho and getting “exhausted.” So, with that said, I am just doing a little a day of exercise. I am also working out at the gym. Damien does not come with me, I just go myself. I am doing 30-minutes a day during the week, and one day out of the weekend, I am doing an hour. So far, I am finding that by doing just a little a day keeps me wanting more the following day! I have re-worked my chore schedule for the week!

    I am setting minor goals for myself, to eventually turn into major goals. Right now, my first goal is to successfully make it to the gym every day during the week while going that one day out the weekend while keeping to the whole “a little a day” method. Then, I am going to set a new goal for myself. Rather than piling on several goals at once and not knowing which to start with, I am just working on one at a time:) It worked when I first started with Flylady, so why can’t it work now, right? Anyway, so far so good. It has been a week already and by tomorrow I will have completed a week and one day’s worth of exercise at the gym!! Yay for productivity! Even though I’m in Florida, if you need motivation I’m here!! Good luck and take care!!

      • I definitely will keep you posted on m progress. I might even blog, you are, my progress as a whole. I am thinking that tracking progress on social media can be motivation in itself as people are reading your progress and I am not one to slip knowing I will have to blog about that to the general public/friends through the social media (lol). I might join this blogging site! We will have to see because at the same time I would have to set a limit on the blogging (a little at a time) as I tend to get wrapped up into stuff like that and completely forget about what needs to get done (lol)!

      • Sorry, I think I was typing too fast for my brain! What I was saying is that I might blog my progress as a whole, with the cleaning of my house and going to the gym on a regular basis! Yay for productivity!

      • Okay, I will be looking into it over the weekend…maybe Sunday! Have a good rest of your day and hope you are staying warm up there!

  3. Oh, and apparently Damien and Chris have a bet going to see who will fall off the wagon first, me or Chris!! I am not going to allow myself to be the losing one in the bet at the end of January (lol)! By that time, I am going to be looking forward to continuing on in February!! It is all about “babysteps” and right now I am baby-stepping to a healthier, more toned me!!

  4. Yeah, maybe that is why he told me that…thinking I would turn competitive against Chris!! If that is the case, I think it just might work. I tend to get competitive as well (lol)

  5. *chuckle* Even Lynn and I fell off the wagon a bit around Christmas. For us, it wasn’t the chocolate, it was the Christmas cookies. But then, we get one chocolate bar a day, but it has to be a chocolate imported from Europe… Their chocolate is made w/o a lot of the additives that do us in. And, it made us all happy as can be to find local uncured bacon and ham and bulk fresh sausage made from pastured-woodland hogs! That was our Christmas dinner. Overall, it seems to have been long enough that we didn’t have IBS symptoms from our wild rice and sausage stuffing, hurray! And we had some organic sprouted wheat bread without symptoms, too!! ….But those cookies and ice cream, and the extra sugary candies…Nah-uh. They are no more. We set the time limit before we began, and that last evening of over-indulgence in not-really-food stuff left me feeling rotten enough that it was easy to make the switch back to healthier snacks. (Our meals never strayed much; it was the additional treats that were our break-out behavior, lol.)

    So, for us, getting back on the wagon has been relatively easy. Of course, our situation is a bit different than yours, Allison,, but …. Best thing I did for me to stop the spiral to unhealthy eating was ordering a nice assortment of organic dried fruits, like mission figs, and nuts that I can still eat. So when I get that “I’ve gotta gnaw of something” drive, I have them right here beside me and can nip the urge in the bud without letting it grow and get out of control. (I order from, btw… they have “baddies”, but also a lot of great organic and healthy nuts, fruits, and other foods, too!)

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