Flash! Friday Vol 2 – 4: WINNERS!

Flash! Friday Vol 2 – 4: WINNERS!.

Hurray! I won for my story, “Discovering Your Inner Mummy.” Hurray!

Discovering Your Inner Mummy

By: Allison K. Garcia

160 words

I didn’t volunteer. He never asked me. As one of the physician’s slaves, I suppose he didn’t have to. He had used his slaves for other “discoveries,” leaving them blind, crippled, diseased, and occasionally cured.

This time, he’d gone too far.

I stared over at the large audience of white men, quivering in anticipation. I glanced behind me at the tray of scalpels and other sharp instruments. I was a goner.

I lay still on the table as the lesson began. He started by pointing out and naming everything on the outside of the body, and I mean everything. I thought I’d die of boredom. How many parts did the human body have anyway?

“I will now give our subject an injection to paralyze him. This way we can see what happens inside a live body.”

A guard held me down, as the crowd oohed, and after a few excruciating minutes, I hovered above, doomed to watch until the end.


Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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