Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 1

The Water Runs Deep
By: Allison K. Garcia and Christopher Baggott

Chains of laughter bubbled up from the depths. “They’ve been at it all day.”

“The boat’s probably as empty as their heads,” Max snorted.

“Watch your mouth, fellah,” Cornelius warned.

“I’ll say what I want. You’re not my mother.”

“I’d shut your trap before it gets you in trouble.”

Max puffed up with anger. “You can’t tell me what to do.”

Cornelius backed up a bit. “Fine. It’s your funeral.”

“That’s right. I’m top fish here.” A gurgly snicker escaped Max’s mouth.

“Not for long,” Cornelius said as a hook snagged into Max’s chattering lips.

Max jerked his mouth. “Help. I’m stuck.”

Cornelius shook his head and looked over at Nick. “My mother always said, ‘Glub glub-glub. Glub-glub-glub-glub-glub.’”

“Translation, please. I don’t speak Tuna.”

“Stop kibitzin’ and keep your eyes open.’”

Max flailed hopelessly and breathed his last gillful of water.

Flash! Friday

WELCOME TO YEAR TWO!!! –Was it just me, or did anyone else feel the need to collapse for a looooong nap Wednesday night??? What a fabulous, amazing, incredible #Flashversary. Thank you again, and congratulations once more to Flashversary Queen Jacki Donnellan for the win! 

For the first quarter of Year Two, we’ve got a sparkly new rotating panel of judges in (mostly) this order: M. T. Decker, Whitney Healy, Erin McCabe, and Nillu Nasser Stelter. Get to know them! (Want to judge for Quarter 2? Apply here. Deadline’s Feb 15.) Today beloved FF writer M. T. Decker kicks us off–don’t forget to head to her page & help welcome her properly!

Raising the Stakes: And here’s the other thing you need to know for Year Two: you’ve proved you’ve got the chops, so we’re upping the challenge. There will still be a photo prompt…

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