The Journey

By: Allison K. Garcia

 350 words

Once upon a time, I wandered through life. Scared, broken, and alone, every day was the same for me, a barrage of emptiness and despair.

Then one day, a voice came to me in a dream. A deep, fiery voice that invaded my skull and shook my entire body. “You must take a journey to find me.”

“Where shall I go?” My quavering voice seemed small compared with the majestic roar that commanded me.

“Your faith shall guide you.”

Heart racing at the sheer thought, I asked, “How can I leave behind all I hold dear?”

“One step at a time.”

I awoke with a jolt and my eyes sprang open. For a moment, on the ceiling of my dark room, an outline made with fire flashed in the form of a dragon, then disappeared. In my heart, I knew it was not merely a dream but also my destiny.

With a small bag filled with items most important to me on my shoulder, I headed out towards the rising sun.

Following the blaze that burned my very spirit, I traveled over mountains and across rivers, through woods and along the sea. My journey took me through towns and cities and villages, where I relied on the kindness of strangers to help me on my way.

Along my voyage, I found others moving in the same direction, others who had heard that same fiery voice and had seen the mark. We banded together, and I no longer had to journey alone. Some chose to stay on the road, others parted ways and made their own path, forgetting their true purpose.

My companions and I helped each other discover gifts the Guide had bestowed upon us. Some had the gift of service, others of music, others of words. I had the gift of listening, which I slowly learned to use to help other voyagers and those who we spoke with and invited to the Path.

One day, I saw again that flash of fire and met the Guide in true form. Having reached my destination, I was grateful for the journey.


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