It’s EIther NaNo Back or a Mopping Injury or Skyrim Overload…

My lower back is killing me! There’s only one explanation and here are the culprits…

1. NaNoWriMo…National Novel Writing Month for those non-writers. You’re supposed to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. You only write 1,667 words per day which is about 5 pages. This takes me 2-3 hours usually. But, 2-3 hours every day for 20 days now in the same position may be wearing out my back. I’m freakin’ 32,000 words into a novel that I just started 20 days ago, though, so…BAM!

2. Mopping…As a child, growing up in the 80s, we had carpet in our kitchen, so I never learned to sweep or mop properly. My restaurant friends would often make fun of me for not knowing this elementary skill at the age of 22. So, I usually sweep and Swiffer our non-carpeted kitchen in our home. Last Saturday, I was having a friend over and I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving, so I added some extra liquid to the floor so it’d clean better. Well, it was a little on the soapy side and then the whole floor was soapy, so I had to throw big splashes of water on the floor to get it up and use the real mop, wringing it out. It took an hour, and my back hurt and the next morning I was all sore. Also somehow I injured the palm of my hand…sigh…

3. Skyrim Overload…I actually have been proud of myself because I haven’t played that much Skyrim, which is a video game where you get to pick berries and herbs and make potions and walk over lands and do quests and tasks. Oh, and I have to kill dragons. No me gusta. I hate when I am picking berries and a stupid wolf or a dragon attacks me. I did sit a good four hours in an old recliner on Sunday, so I think that might have influenced my back.

Anyway, that’s my week and what’s going on with me? What are you guys up to?



6 thoughts on “It’s EIther NaNo Back or a Mopping Injury or Skyrim Overload…

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