A Trip Down Memory Lane

This weekend I went to my 10 year college reunion and met up with three of my old (I mean, former) roommates. It was fun to catch up with them, to tour the campus and the city, and to eat cafeteria food but I couldn’t help feel nostalgic for things past. In my head, I could picture the school I went to, the classes I attended, the friendships I forged, and the fun we all had, but what we arrived to was a mostly empty campus (probably because we arrived before 2pm on a weekend!), unfamiliar faces, and a general feeling of being old. Still, it was awesome to be there with three of the very first friends I made on campus and to remember what it was like to live in that microcosm that is a small university. When else in your life are all of your best friends living in less than a mile radius of you? Getting a glimpse of that again was precious.

Another another note, I began thinking of all the things that have changed since we left school. Here’s a short list I had compiled in my head:

1. Google improvements – it used to be really hard to look things up online. Now you start typing something in and google knows what you want sometimes before you do!

2. Facebook – when we were in school from 1999-2003, it was really cool to be on AOL IM and I think emailing was also a popular trend.

3. Cell phones – I did get a cell phone Sophomore year, but it was for emergencies only and I never used it. Also, there was no texting or smart phones or anything Smart except your computer (which see #1 – was not so smart yet).

4. Keyless entry – security at the school has been improved. We almost couldn’t get into the buildings…but we did. 😉

5. Flat screen TVs – didn’t even exist yet

6. DVD players – a fairly new thing! We still had VHS tapes (okay…truth be told, I still HAVE tapes)

7. iTunes – suckers! We had Napster and Limewire! Free music all the way, baby!

8. Skinny jeans for boys – this was so not cool when I was in school…well, I mean when I was in school in the mid-80s it was…but not when I was in college

9. Ginormous sunglasses, florescent colors, and lensless frames – yeah, it was not cool to wear anything big and flashy back then.

10. Diversity – yay! My alma mater now has more diversity than I remember! Hurray for them!

So, that’s about all I’ve got. Enjoy some pics!



Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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