Sharing is Caring

So, I recently read an article which spoke about a Greek website named Cookisto that allows people who want a homecooked meal to have one delivered to your house for a small price ($4-6). That way, you save money by not eating out as much and your neighbor doesn’t throw away leftovers they won’t eat. They are starting a UK version soon!

I have two thoughts about this:

1. It’s a little sad to me that we are so far removed from our neighbors that we can’t just go down the street and share food with our neighbor without creating a website to do so.

2. It’s kind of a cool way to break this cycle of not connecting to our neighbors. This way, you meet your neighbors in person and possibly form new relationships outside of the online environment.

So, the article mentioned several other site that do a similar “sharing,” or “cooperative,” idea. I thought I’d check them out!


The website did not give a lot of information, but my understanding is that it is like paying someone for rides in their car instead of a cab. You can become a driver for Lyft, and they do background checks to make sure you’re an okay kind of person. I downloaded the free app for my phone, and you have to connect to Facebook and then give your phone number and a credit card number…Not super crazy about that…You can also become a driver from the app, so that’s kind of neat. I think it costs $10 per ride or something. I think this would be helpful if you want to pay less (maybe) for a cab or if you are wanting to make a little extra cash on the side. Mildly intriguing…


This actually seems pretty cool to me. You can go to different places in the world and stay at someone’s house (i.e. bnb = bed and breakfast). I find this very intriguing and kind of want to learn more. I found out that in my area you can charge $40-90/night. Hmmm…I may need to look in to that! 😀 That’s an interesting way to make some dinero. Also, in terms of cool places to visit, you can go to Italy for the same price ($40+/night). Or $30 or less in Guadalajara! The possibilities are endless. This is super cool, and you can see comments from other people, so you can make sure the place doesn’t suck ahead of time. You can rent the whole place or just a room. Interesting!


Not particularly interesting to me, but if you hold meetings in lots of different places and need a place to meet, this is the site for you. Sort of intriguing…


Apparently a site where you can outsource household errands to other people in your area or make money helping out others in your area. This is kind of interesting to me. You can be someone’s gopher. Intriguing…

So, what are some other sites/places you have heard of that are sharing and community based? Let me know!


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