Shut Down?

So, apparently the government has shut down? That seems like a bad idea. I don’t know much about the government, mostly because the news makes me sad. Therefore, I’m a bit confused about why this is happening. Is it because the Congress and Senate have been lazy again and haven’t been agreeing?


Weirdness. Wonder what’ll happen while we’re out of the country. Hopefully we won’t have a “Terminal” moment…

Anyone who has better info than me, feel free to comment on my blog and enlighten me. It certainly seems like an odd thing!



I thought this deserved my, ‘Oh, no, you din’t” face! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Shut Down?

  1. I love your “oh, no, you din’t” face! lol
    as for the gov’t shutdown? all I can say is I am not very pro government anyway so maybe it’ll be a good thing. haha maybe they will do less damage now.

  2. Most of what I know about it I learned from an episode of “The West Wing,” but basically because they haven’t decided on an operating budget, they can’t spend any money except for essential services, like the military, so most federal employees are not getting paid during the shut down (I think they’ll be paid retroactively after a budget is reached). That’s why federal offices are closed. It doesn’t mean no one’s working or making decisions. I also love your “oh, no, you din’t” face. 🙂

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