Contest: Who Has Visited the Most States?

Okay, I recently traveled by car to Indiana from Virginia and visited three new states! It got me thinking that in the last 12 months, I have added six new states to my list of U.S. I believe this brings my total of states I have visited up to 22! Woot! NJ, PA, DE, CT, NY, VA, MD, WV, FL, GA, NC, SC, AZ, TX, TN, KY, IN (Indiana?), OH, IL (Illinois?), VT, MA, and AK (Arkansas?).

This (and having some extra books from the conference I’ve been to) got me thinking. I should have a contest! Who has been to the most states in the U.S.A.?

So, I will send a free book to the person who has traveled to the most states in the U.S.

Anyone can enter this contest, and I will mail you this book (even if you live outside the U.S.)! So, comment with the # of states you have visited. If you have been to all 50, please add U.S. territories and countries you have been to, as this will help me break a tie. πŸ™‚ In that case, whoever has been to all the states, plus the highest number of countries, that person will win the free book.

Which free book, you may ask?

This free book!


The contest will end at 11:59pm on Thursday, September 19th, and I will announce the winner by Saturday evening! Make sure to identify yourself, so I can email you to get the address to send your book! You could be reading it by this time next week!

All right, comment now!


18 thoughts on “Contest: Who Has Visited the Most States?

  1. With our trip to Alaska this summer, I’ve visited 49 states in an RV with my hubby. Hawaii is all we have left, and I don’t think our camper will float! Vie Herlocker, Fancy Gap, Virginia

  2. I have been in the state of confusion most of my life. I have also been in a state of delusion, mostly of my own creation, but there are some people who’d helped me maintain the state.

    Seriously, when I was 5 we went on a cross country camping trip (and missed North or South Dakota… I don’t really remember… I was 5.) The things I do remember were thinking my mom was crazy for making us put on our winter coats in the middle of August. I remember playing in the snow in the Rocky Mountains that same day and being amazed that my mom *knew*. I remember the petrified forest, driving through Death Valley and actually getting to use the “Desert Only” setting on our air conditioner. I remember my mom stepping on a nail on Prince Edward Island, Canada… and her disappointment that we didn’t get to see the pipers play.

    I remember going to Disney and being amazed at how “It’s a Small World” seemed to go on and on forever and I was afraid every time we rounded a corner it would end… and it just kept going. (I only found out about 10 years ago that the ride had broken down on us… ) I remember my brother filling a copper tone bottle with ocean water when we were in Ocean City, Maryland… and I remember him pouring that water into our hands as we stood on the opposite coast and touched the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at the same time.

    I remember getting lost in Mexico, and how… when mom and dad splurged for an expensive dinner… all I wanted was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich– and I remember how hard the people at the restaurant tried to make me one– when all they had was whole wheat bread and orange marmalade.

    Through the years since then I’ve managed 48 states including Hawaii – The missing two: North (or South) Dakota… and Alaska.

    I know I don’t qualify, but I wanted to share that with you, since you brought back so many happy memories. I think I shall raise a PB&J in your honor!

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  4. Oh, I’m sure you all have me beat! Here’s my count: NY, NJ, Mass, PA, DE, CT, MD, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL, Tenn, AL, LA, Ohio, IL, IN, WI, Mich, WY, Montana. Wow! That’s more than I thought. πŸ™‚

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