Allison’s Amazing Discoveries: PlayDoh

If you’ve known me for a while (like through my childhood and into college), you probably have heard of my amazing discoveries. The joke is that they are discoveries that really aren’t so amazing, because they are things I should have realized much earlier. Most of them involve stepping back and realizing that a word I have said forever is a word put together for a specific purpose that I never caught before.

Today’s example: PlayDoh


Background, I was making tortillas with masa (i.e. dough), and I was mixing the Maseca corn flour with the water and thinking about what consistency was the best for tortillas, so I could write it on my blog for the recipe. Finally, I thought this feels a bit like PlayDoh.

I smiled to myself. Hehe, masa (dough) that feels like PlayDoh.

Then it hit me!


A dough you play with!

Amazing discovery!!!

In a time where kids wanted to be like their parents and pretend to make bread, PlayDoh was probably created. Oh my goodness.

Side note, yesterday I played with PlayDoh during a therapy group where we were learning grounding skills, and I made The Colosseum. It was rudimentary but amazing, just like this discovery! 🙂

What are some fun amazing discoveries you have had throughout the years? Please share below!


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