The Downside of Procrastination

Well, before I talk about the downside of procrastination, let’s talk about the upside…

Ah, all the sweet time to hang out with friends, become one with nature, or obsessively watch entire television series through instant Netflix. Sure you have that sinking feeling in the background that you SHOULD be doing something, but because you just came off a crazy procrastination train from another project, you feel you “deserve a break.” So, you enjoy things and put things off, maybe work on things a bit, until you realize…”Holy cow, this really important thing is due any minute!”

That’s when the downside of procrastination hits you…

First thing is the guilt, “Why haven’t I been working on this more?” That never helps things get off to a good start. Next you might start creating a list of all the things you need to do to finish said project. This feels overwhelming and impossible. I did this recently for getting ready for the conference and it was so overwhelming, I needed to break it up into what to work on every week, which helped slightly but still makes my brain want to explode when I look at it. Another thing with procrastination is once you’re reaching the deadline, you suddenly have no time for anything fun and start to get burned out. (My current state…) That’s when the “if onlys” begin to sweep in…”If only I hadn’t obsessively watched all the episodes of (enter name of show here).” “If only I had worked on this item two months ago.” “If only the deadline was a couple weeks later.” While doing the “if onlys”, you are completely aware that none of them could have made a difference, because if you are a procrastinator, you are probably fueled by deadlines. This only means if the deadline was two weeks later, you’d be stressing exactly two weeks later than you are right now, having obsessively watched another show (can you see this is my issue…hehe) in the meantime.

Sigh…so what do you do when you’re in the deadline arena, feeling burned out and overwhelmed? Run like the wind, Forrest, towards your destination. Stop only briefly for tiny breaks of fun. (Ahem, “Portlandia” Season 3 just arrive on Netflix and each episode is only 22 minutes long!) Hug a friend or loved one. Don’t beat yourself up too much. Finally, celebrate when you finish but also keep an eye out for future projects, in case you have the urge to change your bad habits and not procrastinate…

I ain’t gonna put all my eggs in THAT basket! 🙂 Anyway, if you don’t change your ways, just enjoy the next upside! Adios!



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