A Bit of Humor to Finish Off the Work Week

Ummmmm…so the not so funny part is that I had to get a crown after getting a root canal after getting a filling after having a cavity…Sad face…$2,400 later…arghhhhhhh

Anyhooooooooo, on Wednesday I got my permanent crown and this is the card that was next to the free toothbrushes.

impregnated toothbrush


This is soooo not a joke. Real deal.

In case you can’t read it, it says…

“Free Toothbrush – our treat before your treatment.

If you feel the need to brush your teeth again before you get treated, our practice team will provide you with a disposable HAPPY MORNING toothbrush impregnated with toothpaste.”

Ummmmm…hold on a second. Let’s go back. Did you just say that toothbrush is IMPREGNATED? What the heck? That is freakin’ hilarious!

A couple questions for HAGER, the company that makes these:


2. What was it about toothpaste that made you think of impregnating a toothbrush?…Oh wait…I see it now. haha! Still, what would make you say it?!

3. Is that why you named it HAPPY MORNING? The toothbrush might be having a very good day (or bad…if it was an unplanned toothpasting).

4. Why did you think using the word impregnated for a product we clean our mouth with? Not a great slogan.

5. I have no more questions, only hysterical laughter…

Well, that’s all I got folks. Feel free to add your two cents in my comment section. In fact, I challenge my readers to come up with the best line for this product. Dazzle me. Please.

By the way, if you are interested, you can buy them on amazon, though it says “pre-pasted”. Less funny!



One thought on “A Bit of Humor to Finish Off the Work Week

  1. Okay, I thought of a good line for this product (actually I thought of two good lines) before bed last nights…
    “Get your morning off to a ‘fresh’ start!”
    “Here’s a new, more potent toothpaste!”
    Please add some of your own ideas!

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