Inspiration – A Poem


By: Allison K. Garcia


Dear Inspiration,


You strike me

At the oddest times

When I’m trying to sleep

Or on the highway flying


Could you strike at more appropriate moments, please?


Also, your visits

Are few and far between

Nothing for months

Then a traffic jam of scenes


Could you visit more than once a lunar cycle, perhaps?


You seem unaided

By deadlines, big or small

Still dim and faded

You might not show up at all


Could you be more sensitive to my schedule, por favor?


It’s true, you’re more available

When I practice, now and then

But who’s got that kind of time?

Who am I? Big Ben?


Could you make yourself available during commercial breaks, maybe?


Just a few suggestions

To help us with our writing,

We hope this might be the moment

We’re hit by inspirational lightning


Could you strike right now, seriously?


Thank you, Inspiration.

I hope our future’s brighter.


Yours, oh so truly,


One Very Lazy Writer

P.S. Could you specifically help me with that one story, you know the one?


4 thoughts on “Inspiration – A Poem

  1. Humans, at least most of us, must be wired with alternating current as opposed to DC; thus the frustrating lags in inspiration!

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