How Will My Garden Grow? June 2013

Well, it’s certainly growing! Apart from the quick death of my pepper seedlings (sadness…a moment of spicy silence, please…), things are growing! And, if you look closely at my pictures, weeds are also abundant! (You might not even have to look too closely…)

In the front my herbs are flourishing. I planted some pepper plants (from the farmer’s market), my lavender finally has flowers, my basil is coming up, dill appeared from out of nowhere, and Oso is enjoying the oregano…


In the back, my tomatoes have some flowers and a couple tiny tomatoes have popped up. A few beans are growing.





And overall, the back is growing up a storm. We’ve got onions gallore, squash and cucumbers starting, lettuce, loads of arugula, and bushy beans and carrots.


On the side garden (the new one), the corn is doing great! It’s as tall as the fence (about 3-4 feet). The butternut squash and melons are really getting big.




Keep posted to see new growth and perhaps some harvested items next month!


Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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