Woot Woot! (Weight Loss Success!)

Hey, everyone! I’m excited to say that my weight loss journey is going great! I have been eating healthy and smaller quantities, and I have been keeping up with my exercise (usually hit the gym about 5-7 times per week). Today I had personal training with Stephanie, and I had suspected that I had lost some weight, because in the last couple weeks, at least one person per day has been complimenting me and saying something along the lines of “Looks like you’ve been losing weight” or “Estas adelgazando, no?” So, that’s been encouraging!

Also, my most exciting weight loss moment so far was going shopping and finding some stuff that looked nice on me (yay! usually I hate shopping!), and then wearing it and noticing my hubby check out my butt. Woot! Mini-victory!

Well, today I got the official results. Since the end of January, I have lost 10 pounds! Yay!

I have also lost a boatload of inches and 4% body fat. Feeling pretty cool right now. By the way, four of those pounds were lost in the last 3 weeks. If I keep going like this, I could be looking super-awesome by the end of summer. I’m already feeling more confident and cuter, so that is motivation in itself.

Keep thinking about me and saying some prayers. It’s been working! 😀



8 thoughts on “Woot Woot! (Weight Loss Success!)

  1. I am so happy for you. P.S. I’ve never heard from SlimKicker what email address did you give them? Private message me on facebook.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! Looking forward to seeing you VERY soon! It appears as though Chris is enjoying his time with Damien:) I cannot wait to show you our new home! Have a safe trip to sunny Florida…now that I said that, it will probably rain the day you all arrive…lol.

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