Yesterday I turned all this…


…into this!


and this!Image

And enough food to feed my bestest buddy, Leigh, and send a bit home with her, and have some left over to make people from work jealous at the lunch room all week. Yum yum yum! Turned out so good and only took 2 1/2 hrs to make four dishes: Doro Wat, Elecha Wat, Ethiopian Greens (probably a fancier name for this), and Ethiopian Lentils with Yams (ditto). It turned out good! My friend said the house smelled like a restaurant, and this morning when I woke up the kitchen still smelled like berbere. Sigh…isn’t it great when food turns out good. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, I BOUGHT the injera this time! No more attempts at that for a while! 🙂

Feel free to read more about my last attempt (i.e. Garcia Kitchen Disaster) at making injera.


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