Springtime – Oh, Spring!


Springtime – Oh, Spring!

A Poem by Allison Garcia

Springtime – Oh, Spring!

Oh, where did you go?

We thought you were coming

But then you brought snow

When the trees in April

Were covered in frost

We cursed at the groundhog

And thought hope was lost

Then with a blast you arrived

Suddenly without warning

We chocked it all up

To that global warming

You killed all the daffodils

Within one short week

With your blistering sun

And merciless heat

Then just as we’d put away

All of our sweaters

You tilted your head back

And coughed up this weather

We’d turned off the heat

And were starting to trust

That the springtime we’d wished for

Had arrived, it must!

But, alas, your plans

Were not quite as sweet

And some have broken down

And turned on the heat

But, not the Garcias,

Oh, no! We refuse!

We’ve wrapped up in blankets

The cold we will choose

Springtime – Oh, Spring!

Well wishes! Good luck!

You will not break us

We don’t give a…:-)


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