Add Your Two Cents to Win a Free Digital Kitchen Scale!

Hey, everybody! So a health website, SlimKicker, graciously offered to provide one of my readers with a free kitchen scale: check it out here! Due to a certain turn of events, there will be two winners. Both the commenter that SlimKicker picked and whoever gets the most likes on their comment by Friday, April 12 will win a digital kitchen scale!

So, make sure your friends like your comment, and I’ll announce the winner on Saturday, April 13th! Woot!



15 thoughts on “Add Your Two Cents to Win a Free Digital Kitchen Scale!

  1. Do you find yourself being derailed in your daily goals by those pesky electronics and the thought “I’ll only [check my email, watch the weather forecast, play one short game of solitaire, etc]”? And then find that three hours have somehow been lost? I sure have!

    I’ve learned to put those tempting tidbits of technology (e.g. tv remotes, laptops, & video games) somewhere out of the way, where they’re not in easy reach. Just by doing this simple thing, I’ve discovered a world of difference! I do the things I know are better for myself, and *afterwards* I can enjoy a regret-free sit-down with a favorite show or blog. 😀

    (not sure if my WP account includes my email where you can find it. just in case, it’s beth at wingedblue dot com. TY!)

  2. Instead of doing 30 minutes of exercise once a day, try doing 10 minutes of exercise three times a day. That might help if you’re easily distracted or bored, and you can do a different type of exercise each time. Ride an exercise bike for 10 minutes; then later go outside and walk for 10 minutes; finally, do stretching and/or light weights for 10 minutes.

  3. I like the idea above about brushing your teeth after meals. It does work! my challenge idea would be to take 10 min breaks every hr at work. Sitting all day is really unhealthy for you. Move around, walk to the water cooler, stretch, etc.

  4. hmm… when I’m feeling snacky, I’ve found a lot of the time I’m actually thirsty. I try to grab a bottle of water instead of ransacking my kitchen for what it is that “I want”. Not only does it tide me over til meal time, but it’s moves along you metabolic rate so when it’s meal time you’re actually hungry, instead of being full of snacks. 🙂

  5. I like to pick a simple exercise that I can easily do at work, yesterday I did 20 walking lunges every hour, today I am doing 1 minute planks. I find by keeping my body active when i am stuck at my desk most of the day keeps me from having that small piece of chocolate or snack that a coworker has placed in the kitchen.

    I also always change for my afternoon run at work before I leave, this way I have no excuses not to run!

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  7. Its always great to stay on track, so its essential to eat healthy throughout the week BUT allow yourself one cheat meal In your week! Not only will it keep you on track with all your healthy foods but it will taste SOO good!! If you combine this with a great exercise program you will see awesome results, just be patient! You didnt get unhealthy in one day so you wont get back to health in one day:-) I lost 45 pounds that way and I am now a Certified Personal Trainer who loves helping people succeed in healthiness!!!!

    • *sigh* For those without underlying problems, this could work well, Stephanie. But for many of us with stubborn weight issues, we often are also dealt a body that has allergies and other food sensitivities. Many of these remain unrecognized due to being in a chronic phase — headaches with no discernible cause, an overall feeling of being rundown or tired, and oft times, we don’t even realize there’s anything wrong. Take a break from suspect foods (especially troublesome are processed sugars, diary products, grains, legumes [including soy and peanuts], and white potatoes). Stay away from these foods completely (READ those ingredient lists!!) for a minimum of 30 days. Try ONE food ONCE. If you have any reactions such as headaches, stomach ache, tiredness, etc, you need to stay away from that food. Maybe you can have it once a month…but maybe not. For me, feeling good is worth not eating rice or grain-based breads ever again.

      • I never specified what food should be your cheat meal. That meal is up to you. I know all about food allergies and the struggles of weight loss because I had issues as well And have studied due to my career. Obviously if you have a allergy to a certain type of need to stay away from it. But never be to strict with your diet cause you will end up binge eating and feeling as you failed. Its about overall health and fitness for a lifetime not for a season.

      • *thumbs up for Stephanie* Sorry — I guess I’m getting too used to my ill and disabled sister’s idea of a cheat meal: A plateful of breads, cakes, and chocolate. It’s hard for us to find a “cheat” meal that we can eat without wretched repercussions. *sigh* But, we do manage to eat out about once a month (generally at buffets where we can pick and choose exactly what we want and avoid the worst offenders), which is our *real* cheat meal! This isn’t a diet for us. It is very much a lifestyle. 😀

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