Tale of a Kitchen Disaster: How I Burnt Myself Making Yogurt

So…you might be asking yourself, how the heck do you burn yourself while making yogurt? Well, my answer is…the same way I injured my finger while opening a lock and dented my forehead by smacking into a brick wall…I’m a klutz. I accept it. Hey, I embrace it. It makes for fun stories like this one.

Last Saturday I was baking some gyro meat in the oven and was cooking up some yogurt on the stove. You don’t do much cooking of yogurt, really. You just have to heat up the milk (raw milk in my case, I have a cow share) to 110 F. Then you add in a couple tablespoons of yogurt and whisk it up. Then you pour it into a mason jar or two (depending on how much you’re making) and fill up a crock pot with warm water (also approximately 110 F). So, I put the crock pot in the oven (now turned off) with the mason jars in it, but needed to add more water and then wrap them in towels. That’s the part where my clumsiness kicked in. I add water, tilting the water container, and my arm brushed against one of the hot wires on the ceiling of the oven. Ouch! Didn’t really hurt much, but has left a nasty mark.



So, long story short, be careful when sticking your arms into a hot oven! haha! But, thankfully, my injury did not affect the deliciousness of the yogurt! Turned out very yummy!


Why spend 8-12 hours to make yogurt when you can walk down the store aisle and buy it for a few dollars? Well, I encourage you to look at the ingredient list even for plain yogurt. Maybe it’ll just be labeled as “cultured milk” but for me I wonder why the yogurt I buy at the store has a use by date two months after I buy it, but raw milk yogurt only lasts for a few weeks. There’s gotta be something they’re adding for it to last that long. Just a thought. Also, if you make it, it’ll be a heck of a lot fresher. And, better yet, if you know the farmer where you get the milk, you’ll also have peace of mind about what you’re eating.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at making homemade yogurt, I got the recipe from one of my favorite sites, Nourished Kitchen. Look around, loads of great recipes there!



Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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