Apparently I am a Renaissance Woman…

I have been told recently (by coworkers) that I do way too much stuff outside of work. One coworker jokingly commented: “I am sick and tired of hearing about everything Allison does before she even gets to work in the morning.” I do get up at 5am…and why waste the time? 🙂 Anyway, lately I have been really working hard on watching less television and movies and doing more productive things.

Here are the things I am currently working on:

  1. I am in a weight loss competition in my gym (lost 0.8 pounds last month…mrrrrrr)
  2. I like to cook real food from scratch (today I made pizza – crust, cheese, and sauce from scratch…currently there is a haze in my house from the burnt-cheese smoke billowing from my oven…)
  3. I have been attempting to garden (not my forte) and use the food I harvest to cook my own meals from scratch
  4. I have been writing. I just finished my forth or fifth novel (the first three to four are crap), and I just entered the latest in a contest! Woot!
  5. I love music! I play piano, guitar, flute, ukelele, and sing. I also love writing music.
  6. I also love to dance (this is a new development). I have taken an Irish Dance class, a hundred or so Zumba classes, and am currently practicing for a church talent show where we are performing the Jarabe Tapatio (a traditional Mexican dance from Guadalajara, where my hubby is from!)

Wow, that is a lot of stuff! But, seriously, I think God gave me a few gifts (I’m not amazing or anything, just average at stuff), but I figure since He gave them to me, I better use them! Anyway, my hubby helped me take this amazing picture, compiling all the stuff I do in one very special photo. Enjoy!



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