Today Was NOT a great day…

But it ended okay. With Zumba and then a date night with my hubby!

The beginning was another story…I gained 0.6 pounds, which makes my four week weight loss competition a grand total of 0.8 pounds…yay…(sarcasm does not come across through written word very well…) A bit disappointed but not unexpected. A hope! Maybe next week will be better! I have been eating much better in the last week or so.

Also, then I went to the dentist and realized why my mom hates the dentist! I got fillings a couple years ago, but must have blocked out the memory, and more importantly, the fact that they numb your face. So, I had scheduled two therapy clients for the afternoon. Here is a rendition of what I think my face looked like while trying to empathically listen to clients…



Anyway, so that was interesting…also I should note that I couldn’t pronounce “p”s or “s”s. My “p”s sounded like “f”, and the “s”s came out like daffy duck’s. So, my sentence sounded like this, “It would be good to avoid feofle, flacethththt, and thingththt.” hahaha! All in all, an interesting day!


3 thoughts on “Today Was NOT a great day…

    • Gracias! The best part is that we ran out of time for a movie for our date night, so instead Julio had the pleasure of watching his first ever episode of “Xena: Warrior Princess”. Yes!

  1. LOVE the pic of ’empathic listening after dental appointment’! I have **so** been there! Your post was the best time I’ve had since doing therapy with six depressed clients in a row, only to go to my own doc appt and find out I had double pneumonia! ;-D But hey. Xena should have made it all bearable, right? You go out, conquer the world, and have a better day!! 😀

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