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5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • This is the Pyramid of the Sun (El Piramide del Sol) in Teotihuacan, Mexico, just outside of Mexico City. The Aztecs discovered this city and named it Teotihuacan, or City of the Gods. They believed that the gods created it. Perhaps it was Mayans? No one really knows.

      • Well, I hope it is just the angle — looks like it may have lost more of the facing stones since the photos I had seen previously. And archeologists have considered that it may have been built by either the Olmecs or the Toltecs — they (at least used to believe) it was too old to have been Mayan-built. (Love Teotihuacan too, but SOooooooo want to go see Mounte Alban and Chichen Itza for myself!!) Have you been to Teotihuacan?? *envy*

      • Yes, I have been to Teotihuacan. Twice! Loved it! Climbed both Pyramids…of the Sun and of the Moon. Super awesome but exhausting, especially because of the altitude!

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