25 Hours of Exercise Later…

I’m back to the same weight as I was two weeks ago…Argh!!! Trying not to break down in front of the person who was doing my weigh-in or around the track as I exercised this morning, I took some time to pray. Well, at first I did a bit of complaining in my head and some woe-as-meing, but then I realized prayer was definitely a better choice.

45 minutes later, I am still not so happy about the results, but I know God has a good plan for me, no matter if I lose weight or not. Also, when I got in the car my favorite Mandissa song “Good Morning” was on the radio, so I felt that was a little nod from God.

Later this week I plan to write about what foods are good to eat. So, stay tuned because I’d love to hear from you guys about that, too. Feel free to comment today, too, with encouraging words, since I’m still feeling a bit bummed about gaining back the 0.4 pounds I lost last week. Sigh…eating within my calorie range and everything…

I am tempted to post a sad face picture of myself, but instead I will post this!



I think if I continue to post pictures like this, my end pictures will look amazing!


2 thoughts on “25 Hours of Exercise Later…

  1. You are exercising and eating right and doing these things will make you feel better, and you will be healthier, weight loss or no weight loss.

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