First week of Weight Loss Competition complete!

So, I have totally kicked butt (my own) this week with exercise! And, I lost 0.4 pounds. Yay…(that’s a bit sarcastic), but back in college when I lost weight, my body was always a week behind, so maybe next week the scale will be like, cha-ching!

So, mostly I’ve been exercising in the mornings, but I always forget to take out my contacts enough time the night before (to give my corneas time to breathe, of course). That means I end up wearing my glasses! Here’s an example of how I feel I must look while jogging around the track:



Yeah, you wish you could look that awesome! How do I look so amazing in the morning, you may ask? Oh, a simple combination of not showering and horrible eyesight!

Anyway, here is what I did at my home away from home this week…

Monday – biking, abs, and Zumba

Tuesday – walking, arms, and Zumba

Wednesday – swimming with Tracy!

Thursday – nothing, ’cause I had scheduled a personal training session and thought we would be working out, but instead we talked about nutrition…this was difficult, because she told me to not eat as much dairy, which I am against, but for the sake of being respectful decided to go with for now. Oh, she also told me that I needed to add a two-mile/day walk to my routine. That along with the no cheese thing, almost threw me into a tailspin!

Friday – circuit training (arms and legs and walk/jog around the track), Power Yoga

Saturday – walked to Farmer’s Market and back (with 15 pounds of food), Zumba

Sunday – walked with Oso (one mile), then by myself a mile, Jarabe Tapatio practice (Mexican folkloric dancing. We’re doing it for the church talent show.)

So, like I said, totally kicked butt this week! I was exhausted on Saturday, but by Sunday I was better, and I’m feeling energetic today. Woot! 🙂 I’ll keep you all updated!


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