Waltzing towards Christmas



I couldn’t help it. I was just listening to a record of “The Nutcracker”. I had started with simple humming and whistling and then sometime after I finished wrapping presents, it happened. Yes, I, Allison Garcia, broke out into full ballerina-style dancing.

It began with a few silly twirls, then moved to a few graceful hand movements, and then suddenly I was hopping and pointing and waltzing around our guest room. I was slightly concerned that Julio would hear the noise and think I was being attacked upstairs. I’m not the most graceful of dancers, but I was seriously enjoying myself.

uThere’s just something about “The Nutcracker” that I love and when “Waltz of the Flowers” came on, I couldn’t resist and had to dance. But, it wasn’t the first oddity of the day for me. Julio and I decided to do some Christmas shopping for our date night, so we went together to buy stocking stuffers, and while we were at Michael’s, I was humming and whistling and singing along with the Christmas music.

Oh, it’s officially Christmastime, boys and girls. You can try to be strong and pretend you hate all the hype and be all Scroogey. But, in the end, you can’t fight it. If you have any love for Christmas down somewhere in your psyche, it’ll come out like a grown woman flopping around to “The Nutcracker”. I say, just go with it. Sing along and waltz your way towards Christmas.


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