Garcia Kitchen Disaster!

Not since the Gnocchi/Falafel Disaster of 2005 has such a travesty been seen in the Garcia household. Led by a seemingly wonderful recipe, Allison Garcia set aside an hour of her life (or three days depending on how you look at it) in the noble attempt to make injera, a typical Ethiopian tortilla-like bread. This is what injera traditionally looks like:



Mmm…doesn’t that look delicious. That was what the Garcia’s were looking forward to. Following the recipe, Allison mixed teff flour and water together and let it ferment for 2-3 days, then she lightly oiled a pan and cooked it at the low heat. Disgusting mess is the best way to describe the results. The first one was actually the best, but still was pretty disgusting. Here’s what the Injera Disaster of 2012 produced…



Note the difference from the real injera picture. It was sticky and gooey and did not taste at all like injera. Julio was not brave enough to attempt this nasty mess, but Allison, feeling obligated due to all the time she and thought she put into it, ate a bit. Not delicious….

Anyway, just thought I would share that not everything I attempt turns out great. And to be wary of injera recipes!


5 thoughts on “Garcia Kitchen Disaster!

  1. I admire you for trying. I love injera (haven’t had it in years) but can’t imagine how you get that sourdough taste. I guess it is fermented, and that is always tricky. The picture of your bread reminded me of my attempt to make fortune cookies for my seventh grade social studies class. I thought they’d brown on the griddle like little pancakes but they came out gray and doughy. I started adding everything from food coloring to oil to fry them into shape. Each addition made the “cookies” worse. But I had to turn them in to get any credit for the project. Everyone in the class agreed that the cookies were disgusting, but they liked the fortunes I’d written. Now I can see that I was meant to be a writer, not a chef (and my family suffers accordingly)

  2. Ohhhh….so sorry!!! If it’s any conciliation, none of the missionaries/friends that I know who lived in Ethiopia have had success or even dared to take on such a project! I think injera is something that one has to learn through an apprenticeship! 🙂

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