Listening to Records…

Washing dishes felt like an impossible task tonight, so I decided to throw on my favorite Carole King record, “Tapestry”. Listening to it as I cooked and washed an endless stack of dishes (dishwasher’s broken…argh!) made me remember how glad I am that I started buying records.

It all started when my mom was about to get rid of her albums, and I said, “No way, give them to me.” I’m a bit nostalgic, and I was especially excited about The Beach Boys and Sesame Street I recalled as some of the first music I ever listened to. Then then sat in my closet for about six months (maybe longer), until one day Julio and I were shopping at a secondhand store, and I suddenly thought, “I want a record player!” So, we got one, and then we looked through the records and bought “Tapestry”, “Sweet Baby James”, and several other great records.

The weirdest part is that when I got home, I set it up and got out my mom’s records and found that one of the 20 she had was also “Tapestry”! I pondered how unlikely it was that out of all the thousands (millions?) of records there are in the world, I would buy one of the ones my mom already has. Pretty cool, I think.

For a while, I bought loads of records, and I actually picked specifically calm and earthy ones for my writing and listened to records throughout writing of my book “From the Ground Up: The First Days”, which I hope to one day get published.

I decided that I love Carole King, and I now have five of her albums and am always looking for more! From a friend from work (Frances!) I added several good rock albums, like The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. Good stuff! Right now “Sweet Baby James”, one of James Taylors records, is playing, and I am feeling so nice and relaxed and ready to wash another load of dishes (eh, that may be an exaggeration). “Well, I’m a steamroller, baby….” Fun, bluesy stuff. I would recommend it. Also, you get more exercise, ’cause you have to get up every 30 minutes or so to flip the record or put a new one on.

If you have never owned records, I really encourage it, because it’s just really cool. The sound is neat and it feels good to hold a piece of history in your hand.



Here’s my record player. Not the original one I bought, but the one I got from my Grandma Quagliato after she passed away. From left to right, Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together, “Carpenters”, Carole King’s “Tapestry”, and Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “Album 1700”.




This is the record holder Julio bought me for Christmas. I have about 50 records or so in there and two more cases of opera, classical and Christmas records that were my grandma’s. Here there’s a few albums: James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James”, Carole King’s “Fantasy”, and John Denver’s “Windsong”.




And, here’s some more from my collection: Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Gratitude, The Association’s “Windy”, “Diana Ross and The Supremes Join the Temptations”, and Sly and The Family Stone’s “Greatest Hits”.


Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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