I Refuse to Turn on the Heat Yet!

I Refuse to Turn on the Heat Yet!

All right, so it was only nine degrees away from freezing this morning, but I don’t want to turn on the heat yet! I have plenty of blankets…and a heating pad if things get worse. So what if I can see my breath when I get out of the shower. That’s the kind of stuff that makes you strong, right?

It is getting pretty nippy up in here. It’s at 57 in the house. The other day my friend came over and said, “They’re calling for frost in the Garcia household tonight.” Yeah, and that was when it was 5 degrees warmer!

Anyway, we’ll see how long I can hold out. I have tried shutting the storm windows yet. That’s the next step. Should bump it up another couple degrees. Well, guess I’ll head off to work. Good thing I have a Siberian Husky mix for a dog. He’s loving it!


Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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