Whey Overloaded

After making cheese, there is a lot of leftover whey. It varies, but from a gallon of milk, you get about 3/4 gallon of whey and a pound or so of cheese. That’s a lot of whey! So, what can you do with it? Here are some suggestions:

1. Dump it into your compost. If you’re afraid to try anything else, this is a last resort. If you want to man up and do something different, keep reading.

2. Feed it to animals. I give some to my dog (not a whole lot, but maybe a cup or so).

3. Be hardcore and drink it straight from the jar! I don’t recommend this. Whey from yogurt might taste better than whey from cheese.

4. Bathe in it. So, my friend, Rose, said, “Ah, yes, that one woman in India bathed in it and had beautiful skin.” So, I thought I’d try it, which I did on Wednesday morning. It was pretty stinky, but my skin has felt very nice since then. Anyway, I went back to work and Rose says, “I believe it was Cleopatra and with goat’s milk.” I suppose either way, you’ll have cats following you around. If you want smooth skin and don’t mind smelling vaguely of cheese throughout the day, go for it!

5. Cook with it. I’ve made tortillas with whey instead of water, chicken stock, and soup. You can also make smoothies with it or oatmeal. It’s not bad cooked (though it tastes better fresh).

Well, if you feel overloaded with whey after a recent cheese cyclone passed through your kitchen, I hope this helps you figure out some different things to do with it!



Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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