Making Ricotta Cheese

Hey, everyone! I made cheese this week and decided to share it with the world (my experience, not my cheese)! On Tuesday I made ricotta cheese, which only requires a gallon of milk (I use raw milk – I have a cow share) and some citric acid (I purchased a kit on ). Here are some pictures!


You have to get the milk up to 195 degrees, so it takes a while!



In this picture above, you can see the curds separating from the whey. The next step is to pour it into cheese cloth and drain the whey from the curds. Luckily, my friend, Sandra, arrived at the perfect time to help document my cheesemaking!


Now comes the hard part! Pouring everything into the cheesecloth without burning myself with the boiling hot liquid and without messing up the cheesecloth!


Note the fear in my eyes! Next, you tie up the cheesecloth and hang it from something for a half an hour or so until the whey has drained out (the longer you hang it, the drier it becomes).


As you can see, it looks pretty cool and it tastes yummy! I think I’ll make stuffed shells this weekend.


Let me know what you think! Déjame saber qué piensas!

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